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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pak hackers target Indian Gmail users

A Media Report says that Pakisthan Hacker target the Indian Gmail Users with Fake Email Login Page, Which is hosted in Karachi (Pakisthan). About 160 Person has reported under the IT act.

" Pakistani cyber criminals now have their eyes fixed on the Gmail accounts of Indian users. The hackers have created a page that looks extremely similar to that of Gmail and they are using this page to break into the accounts of the Indian users. The page looks so similar to that of Gmail home page that it is very difficult for the users to notice the minor differences and thus they fall in the trap laid out by the Pakistani cyber criminals. 
When Bhaskar group investigated the matter it was revealed that the group of hackers based in Karachi have hacked into hundreds of accounts of the Indian businessmen and caused them a loss running into crores. 
'Special sign-in prevented'
Gmail users in India have been getting an email, the subject of which says ‘special sign-in prevented’ and the email of the sender is, the hackers have created an app which can be used to sign in to your account. The mail besides showing the time of the mail sent and the person’s name also reflects the location and IP address. To track the user a button has been inserted in the mail which says ‘sign-in activities’.
The domain traced back to Pakistan
According to cyber experts domain can be traced back to Pakistan and has been registered under the name of Altan Janu, this domain has been hosted on If a user enters his id and password in this domain then the information can be accessed by the cyber criminals.
160 cases of hacking registered under IT act
According to the data 160 cases have been registered under the IT act with the Jodhpur commissionerate, Out of these cases 48 have been referred to  FR as the police is not equipped and trained to handle cyber crime. In March 2014, a resident of Jaipur had registered a case of cyber crime in which Rs 30 lakh had been withdrawn from his account. Number of such cases have been registered with the police. " @Daily Bhaskar

Here I am Sharing Some Tips to secure your account..
1. Always Make Sure That URL is same as you type in address bar.
2. Google Never Used Self Certificate for SSL.
3. Never Give Permission to Untrust Self Certificate
4. Make Sure That You have a Green Pandle in Address Bar.
5. Make Sure that you have "https://..." in starting of your URL.
6. Always Make Sure that which Organization Issued the SSL Certification and Which Organization used it. You have the same name in Issued to filed, which is you have typed the URL in Address Bar.

Here I posted the a screen shot for an example

Fake & Real Page Of Gmail Login Page - 

SSL Certificate Test -

Your Account Security & Privacy is your right. Stay Safe & Updated.